Did you know that our wedding was featured by Swoon Magazine?  My husband and I were married on September 1st of 2012 at the most beautiful private estate near Santa Cruz, CA. To us our wedding was beautiful beyond our wildest dreams, all night long we kept saying, “is this wedding really ours? We must be […]


Swooned Magazine Feature

Holiday Table Inspiration As a member of the Silicon Valley chapter of NACE ( the National Association of Catering and Events) I was fortunate enough to be involved in our holiday inspiration theme for the October meeting.  The idea was to design a table that would inspire our members with holiday table ideas for their clients […]


Home for the Holidays – Holiday Table Inspiration

Holiday Table Inspiration

This iconic sparkler exit with its breathtaking, Hollywood glamour style is my all-time wedding fave and it just happens to be of me.  Yes, that is my husband dipping me back and kissing me while sparks literally fly.  We love this photo because it epitomizes our love for each other, the magic of our wedding […]


Iconic Sparkler Exit – Santa Cruz

Bride and Groom Dipping

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