Let’s face it, we’ve had to get creative during this time of sheltering-in-place. Creative with our time, creative with our meal planning and creative with our romance. Today I am hoping to give you some creative at-home date ideas according to your Lover’s Love Language!

What is a Love Language?

If you haven’t heard of a Love Language, don’t worry! It was a new concept for me too, not so long ago. Whether you know it or not, you give and receive love in a specific way – we all do! That specific way is your Love Language. Odds are you and your Paramour have different Love Languages. It’s important to know your Lover’s Love Language so you can keep their love tank filled with intention and forethought.

You can take the Love Language Quiz for couples here!

Now that you know your each other’s Love Language, keep scrolling for some at-home date night ideas you can do this week!

At Home Date Ideas by Love Language

Quality Time

We are all spending a lot of time together during shelter-in-place, but is it quality time?

For the QT Lover in your life you can put the Q in the mix and help them feel loved! Start by planning a picnic in your backyard. Put together a basket of your loved one’s favorite goodies, grab a bottle of wine, a blanket and head outside for some fresh air, sunshine, conversation & QT! 

Did the weather put a kibosh on your picnic plans? Don’t fret – grab some throw pillows and a blanket, clear out some space in the living room and have what we call a Floor Party.

Want to score bonus points on this front? Keep the TV off and turn on their favorite music. After the picnic suggest a game that’s great for two: Uno, Scrabble, the Sunday NY Times Crossword Puzzle, or a card game.

Just like that you have a quality date night just for your QT Lover.

Acts of Service

Is it me or does it seem like there is more housework now that we are all home? More dishes, more cooking, more cleaning, just more.

For your Acts of Service Sweetheart show them how much you love them by giving them the night off. Start by pouring them their favorite cocktail and tell them to relax while you cook their favorite meal.

Take things a little further than the new norm of eating at the sofa while watching Netflix and set the table. Add some candles and open a bottle of wine. Put on their favorite music and turn the lights down low. Invite them to the table when dinner is ready to be served. They won’t know how they got so lucky to have a Sweetheart like you.

After dinner tell them you’d love to keep the conversation going while you do the dishes and invite them to pull up a kitchen stool with a glass of wine. Make sure they know they are not to lift a finger – it is their night off. My husband is an Acts of Service Sweetheart and he feels extraordinarily loved when I prepare a meal from A to Z, but he has a tendency to want to jump in an help. Don’t let them jump in!

Words of Affirmation

Being home all day means there is plenty of time to tuck little love notes in special places your Affirmation Fan will find them.

If you want to make this into a date you can create a Love Notes Treasure Hunt inside your home and even into the yard for some fresh air and sunshine.

Find some blank paper or card stock and create little notes or cards, the more cards the longer the game, the more your Affirmation Fan will feel loved. Each card should contain a two things: a love note of something you adore and admire about them, and a clue about where to find the next love note.

Don’t forget to get creative with locations, but leave them sticking out a bit so they are in plain sight. You can tuck them between books on a shelf, in the fridge by their favorite beverage, on the dash of the car, tucked into a picture frame of you two, the possibilities are endless.

Think about what to put at the end of the treasure hunt as the grand finale. Maybe it’s a one page, handwritten love letter and flowers from a local florist, maybe its take-out from their favorite restaurant, or maybe its a bubble bath and candles. Whatever it is, it should be in alignment with their Love Language quiz results. 

Physical Touch

With our hands busy with dishes, cooking, cleaning and running a very full household it can be easy to forget to use them in showing affection. Show your Physical Touch Darling how much you care by planning a close proximity date night.

Set the table for dinner, but put your chairs next to each other. Make a point to scooch your chair close, so your arms are touching. Reach out and hold their hand between bites or place your hand on their thigh.

After dinner put on your favorite slow-jams playlist and ask them to dance. There’s nothing quite like a slow dance to feel close, connected and have lots of touching.

Then suggest a snugglefest on the couch for movie night. After a while switch it up and give them a foot rub and a shoulder rub – don’t make them choose.

After the movie tell them you have a surprise for them. Have the bedroom setup with candles and their favorite massage oil or lotion for a back massage. After all the physical touch their Love Language Love Tank will be overflowing.

Receiving Gifts

This date might take a little while to pull together with currently delayed shipping times and it might take some imagination if you find yourself following a tighter budget, but I am confident you can show your Gracious Gift Guy or Gal how much they mean to you.

Here’s how to start: take notes of some small things they have been missing during SIP and start a secret stash. I have really missed getting my nails done at the salon. I would love a new nail polish color for a DIY manicure. My husband’s hair is getting shaggy. He’d love guards for his hair trimmer.

We are all dealing with inconveniences right now. If you can gather 3 – 5 small things that will make an impact for your Gift Guy or Gal they will feel heard, seen and loved.

Then get creative with the delivery. You can use the Words of Affirmation Treasure Hunt idea above to lead them on a Gift Receiving Treasure Hunt. Go the extra mile by setting-up a station at the end of the hunt for them to use their new gifts.

Imagine her surprise when a mani-pedi station is set-up and ready for her to use. Or a mini-barber station has been set-up so you can trim his hair. Better yet, have a pint and a shot of Jack waiting and treat him to a true barber shop experience. 

Thank you for reading! Share your at home date ideas below in the comments. Bonus points if you can tie it to a Love Language.

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