Good day! Paul and I are loading up Heidi the Highlander, grabbing Miss Truffles Marie and heading out to the majestic redwoods for the 48th Annual Shamus Family Camping Trip. 🏕🌲☀️🐶 A big part of our annual adventure is our meal planning and I’m here to share that with you in an easy to follow […]


Camping Meal Planning Guide

tent at dusk with lantern and fog

As I sit to write this post from my home office, 35 miles east of San Francisco, on June 23, 2020 we are one day shy of 100 days of Shelter in Place during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Typing that sentence feels daunting and heavy. It feels loaded down with the weight of 100 days […]


100 Days of Shelter in Place: How We Spent The Time We Didn’t Know We Needed


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