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"Initially, my fiancé/now husband did not see the value of hiring a coordinator. After he saw all the planning and work that Kristan did, he understood the value Kristan provided. We are both happy we hired her!"

Hi, I’m Kristan! I am a Bay Area wedding planner and event planner.  I am the woman behind Cora Bella Weddings & Events. I am devoted to providing fun, stress-free planning and flawless execution with style, grace, and a glass of bubbly.

Cora is a name that is near and dear to my heart. Cora Bella Weddings & Events is named after my grandmother, Jean Cora. When the time came to start Cora Bella Weddings & Events it seemed only natural to name the company after this beautiful lady that I loved and who taught me so much.

I don’t know exactly when I realized I was going to be a wedding and event planner, but friends and family tell me I’ve always been one. As a little girl I would plan and play out weddings with friends and stuffed animals, using my Mom’s communion veil for a bridal veil. When I wasn’t planning make-believe parties, I coordinated play dates—down to details like the kind of snacks we’d have and when to serve them.

To this day I am the glue that binds family and friends together for dinners, parties, holidays, game nights, and more. I love creating magical moments and more importantly watching people revel the magic I’ve designed for them.


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Bay Area Wedding Planner

"I felt at ease during my wedding. I knew that Kristan had it all handled and I didn't have to worry about a thing. The wedding went flawlessly, Kristan did an amazing job working with my other vendors to produce a perfect wedding day. I am so thankful for her guidance and support through the entire process."

- Olivia & Ryan

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