Did you know that our wedding was featured by Swoon Magazine?  My husband and I were married on September 1st of 2012 at the most beautiful private estate near Santa Cruz, CA.

To us our wedding was beautiful beyond our wildest dreams, all night long we kept saying, “is this wedding really ours? We must be dreaming, because this wedding belongs in a magazine.”

Then, when we got our photos back we couldn’t believe our eyes. The pictures captured our day so stunningly and perfectly we were beside ourselves with joy. We did what every bride and groom does and sent our digital images to our family and we all basked in their loveliness and relived our wedding day through the beautiful images. We ordered prints for our parents, grandparents, siblings, and for our home and kept our favorite ones on our screen savers and vowed to always cherish them.

Never did we think, not even for a second, that our wedding would actually be featured in a magazine; and then one day our amazingly talented and wonderful photographer, Lindsey Freitas of BellaLu Photography, sent me us an email saying just that.  Wow, we were so touched, humbled, proud, and in disbelief all at the same time.

The lovely ladies at Swooned like to do a little Q&A with the bride for their feature, which was a lot of fun for me, and for my husband too as I made sure to include him as much as possible.

Without further ado, here is our wedding, featured by Swooned Magazine!



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